America land of the free

Home of the brave

A land rich in colorful history

A fragile future to save

A living nation the great experiment

Beautiful from sea to shining sea

We the people run the government

Freedom nooses hanging from trees

So many bodies a horrific atrocity

Distant past rebranded as black history

God bless this nation of ours

The sweetness of freedom begins to sour

America land of opportunity

Wish them boot straps would fit me

Time to change this dark history

Ancestors found liberty in death

Foundational bones they bequeathed

Stepping stones

On which Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman did stand

Frederick Douglas and George Washington Carver

A new future began

W.E. Dubois embraced the light

Economic opportunity now in sight

Plessy vs Ferguson dealt quite a blow

Separate but equal

Uncle Sam meet Jim Crow

American history black as coal

Filled with misery bitterness and woe

Play the music so we can march

Uniform is pressed and starched

Liberation for a foreign land

My sign reads I AM A MAN

America’s future poised to break

Filled with contradictions

Colored by hate

Mums the word don’t make a sound

Silent protests heard the world round

God is listening, let the church say amen

Hands are raised and knees must bend

Martin Luther is praying once again

So many bones form quite a mound

Almost level to America’s ground

When Jesse Jackson took a stand

It paved the way for “Yes, We Can”

Celebrate in this month colored red  

Black history that is America

Love your neighbor like the Nazarene said

Lift every voice and sing

Filled with hope of green pastures

Summer rain promises to bring

Overtures of equality

And golden opportunities



Noel Emmanuel

The busiest time of year

Families gather from far and near

Restless sounds of the night

Few see the magnificent sight

Heavens open and angels proclaim

A king is born, Emmanuel, his name

Time divided not many understand

Salvation and joy wrapped in a man

Sing Hallelujah and say Amen

Glory and grace gifted to men

The first Noel the shepherds did hear   

The promise has come be of good cheer



Is it love?

Red, the color of love

Flushed cheeks at the mention of your name

Roses not white, not yellow, deeply colored red

Symbols of affection; no color is the same

Cupid bent his bow and a single arrow hit its mark

Pierced through my armor striking my beating heart

It stopped for a moment; drops of life began to flow

Your embrace like a tourniquet saved me, this I know

Red, the color of blood

Flowing through my veins

Thoughts of you consuming

 Strong like torrential rains

Should you ever go away

Life is gone

An eternal winter day

My life, my love stained in the crimson color

Red, vibrantly painful like no other



Rivers of living water dried up long ago.

Unbreathable air.  Life traded for parcels of dust.

Tall silhouettes outline the sky.  No eagle’s nest here.

Buried deep are footprints of the past.  Parades and marches,

Marches and parades indistinguishable now.

No sun, no moon, no stars.  Hidden by the universe in protest.

The wind swirls and twirls creating a terrible, awful noise.  Louder

And louder until it is all that can be heard.  All that can be felt.  

There is no life.  No trace of blue.  Anywhere.

All that is left is the deafening sound of silence.



I remember being anxious as the sun lost its warmth.

Strong winds forced my beauty to abandon me.

Exposed, I stood firm carrying the weight of winter.

Many walked by without notice of me.

I seemed to have disappeared.

Underneath gloomy skies my roots stretched deep.

My wanton eyes saw only that I was bare;

My growth unnoticed until the sun began to shine again.                                        

Its warmth felt good, so very good.

Ahhh, then came the storms that darkened the sky.

Electric current filled the air causing my limbs to tingle.

I wondered why the song of the birds returned;

My nakedness did not seem to offend them.

I stood and searched for blue skies.

I am taller, stronger, full of budding glory.

At last I stand in the fullness of my beauty

Singing my song with each gentle breeze.

Many find joy in my presence.

They delight in my stature.

I stretch trying to touch the blueness of the sky.

Summer days shorten and the air begins to chill.

I wear a coat of many colors.

My admirers stop to notice my transformation.

They seem to enjoy the fallen pieces of my pride.

I watch helplessly as my magnificence fades with the sun.

My hope awakens as my roots grow deeper.

I will rest knowing that I will be stronger when the sun rises again.        


The Shore

The Shore

Looking out over the sea

Many large ships I see

As I kneel on bended knee

Death blew its kiss

Its wind powered the sails

Cupid’s arrow did miss

Canon’s wartime tale

The sandy shores testify

Freedom by way of genocide

A stranger’s victorious day

Celebrate a newborn holiday

A different breed of hero on bended knee

Attempting to change repeated history

Refusing to stand when the music plays

Action much louder than words can say

I am a man for the world to see

Stop stripping away my humanity

I remember that murderous day

It continues to live

Yesterday is today

I stood on the shore and watched

Mighty ships come sailing in

Powered by the kiss of death

Life surrendered no chance to win

Captive in my native land

Sold to strangers at my brother’s hand

My soul not measured in silver or gold

Its price not valued- my future foretold

I stood on the shore in chains

Mental anguish masked the pain

Stripped of dignity and pride

Hoped washed away with the rising tide


Someday I will be great

I will feed the hungry and shelter the homeless

One day the world will be a better place

The air will be clean, the water pure and life will be wonderful

Today I will dream

Dream of all that I want to be

Dream of all that is perfect

Reality placed a mirror at my door

I saw an empty space where I once existed

Vintage Ornate Black Mirror 64x84x4cm


A river winds through the city

Its water blue and bitter

Washing crimson concrete clean.

Blue water

Tide rises with the moon.

Yesterday I cried

Today I wipe away your tears

Tomorrow I will cry again

The outrage will be gone by then.

Troubled water that river be

Overflowing its banks.  Walk gently

Don’t want to be swept under

The raging currents.